Parents FAQ’S


Choosing a day nursery for the first time can be a little daunting and we understand that you will probably have lots of questions. We will be happy to answer the personally but, in the meantime, you may find useful answers in this booklet.


We recommend as soon as possible to secure your place as the nurseries can fill up very fast.
There are a few options, you can contact our Nursery Managers by telephone or email to arrange a site tour of the nursery and complete the paperwork. Alternatively, you can book a place via our online booking form, request a prospectus and complete application form. To secure your place there is a registration fees of £50 for non-funded places, this also covers your child’s settling in sessions.
To ensure a smooth transition into nursery we recommend at least 2 and ideally more 1 hour free of charge settling-in visits/sessions for all children to enable them to adapt to their new surroundings and to meet staff and children in the room. Where possible, we suggest this is done over 2 weeks to ensure there is time if required, to increase the number of visits.
During this time we cover an induction meeting held between the parents/carers and the room lead staff to gather as much necessary information we will need about your child to ensure we can establish your child’s baseline on the early years foundation stage and have a full picture of the child’s caregiving routines to ensure we can meet the child’s individual needs in the best possible manner.
1.Proof of birth such as birth certificate or passport

2 Red Book

3.Registration fees £50 if your child is non-funded or part-funded (Funded only parents are exempt from Registration fees)

4.Proof of address such as a utility bill.

5.Your national insurance number for funded places.

6.Your child’s 11 digits 30 hours code if you are both working parent/carers s and applying for a 30 hours free childcare place
A named bag, not too large (not plastic or drawstring)

Two sets of change of clothes, including underwear if potty training.

Nappies, nappy cream and wipes.

Please include wellies, raincoats, sunscreen and hats and gloves (suitable for the season). Please label.

EpiPen, inhaler or any other type of long-term medicine if your child has an allergy or medical condition which requires this. Medicine needs to be prescribed and labelled with name and instructions clear. Please see our Medicine Policy

Breast milk (in a bottle), formula milk/ powder and a sterile plastic milk bottle

Comforter/such as dummy (if used), this must be clearly labelled

Note: Please ensure all clothes and shoes are labelled with your child’s name.
Please contact the Nursery Manager at one of our nurseries to confirm the details. Our nurseries open at 8am and close at 6pm.We are term time and open 38 weeks of the year and are closed for bank holidays, Eid holidays and the last 10 days of Ramadan.

We provide holiday club depending on parental demand from both sites and if we have enough numbers then one out of both sites, mostly the Radford branch will provide holiday club.
Yes, all staff must have a DBS check completed when they first start at Kids Planet. DBS checks are then renewed every two years.

Do all staff hold relevant childcare qualifications?

Our staff are qualified to Level 3 in childcare or higher. Staff who do not hold a level 3 qualification are currently studying towards one.

What are staff to child ratios at Green Nursery School? The ratios, as outlined by Early Years Foundation Stage, are; 0-2 years - 1 adult: 3 children, 2-3 years - 1:4 and over 3 years 1:8 or 1:13 with an EYP or teacher.

Are the same staff based in each room so there is continuity? We have set staff in each room on a daily basis and when staff are on holiday or absent due to illness, we have familiar supply staff who cover within nursery so there remains continuity for each child.

Are your staff First Aid trained?

In line with the early years statutory framework and as recommended by OFSTED we ALL hold a 12-hour paediatric first aid training
OFSTED inspections take place approximately once every cycle, this is normally between 2 and 5 years. New settings are inspected with 2½ years of opening. Please see our recent OFSTED reports available online and on our nursery website.
For younger babies we have cots and as children get older, we have sleep mats. Every child has their own bedding within nursery that is laundered at least weekly and whenever they sleep this is put out for them.
Staff sit with children and rub their tummy, back or stroke their heads. This is optional, if you would like your child to go to sleep by themselves you should let a member of staff know. How old are babies when they are moved from sleeping in a cot to a sleep mat? Only the baby room has cots, so as part of the transition process the staff in the baby room will speak to you as a parent about moving your child from sleeping in a cot to a sleeping mat. Do children have their own bedding at Kids Planet and how often is this washed? Yes, Kids Planet provide each child with their own blanket and sheet at nursery. This is stored in a bag labelled with their name. We have a laundry room onsite and bedding is cleaned at least once a week. My child has a set routine, how will this fit into nursery life? When children start at nursery, we follow their routines to ensure there is a smooth transition from home life to nursery. We work with families to ensure there is a continuity of care. How often does the nursery hairdresser visit Kids Planet? The nursery hairdresser visits every 6 weeks.