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Green Academy Trust was established in March 2009. Now providing various services for the community of Nottingham across two sites, meeting the needs of Muslims in Britain.

*Green Crescent School* is the Academy’s Islamic school that boasts up to date technology within classrooms, focusing on STEM subjects, emphasizing sports and encouraging parental engagement all this while focusing on the children’s Islamic morals and tarbiyyah. We celebrate diversity and promote British Values preparing our children for life in modern Britain whilst holding firmly to their Muslim identity. The school has achieved an OFSTED rating of GOOD with *OUTSTANDING* elements, Alhamdulillah.

*Green Nursery School* is the Academy’s vibrant Islamic nursery, consisting of two sites, both rated GOOD with OUTSTANDING elements. Focusing on an Islamic upbringing and Islamic ethos whilst also following the EYFS curriculum.

*Masjid Al Khazra* is a warm and welcoming masjid that offers separate prayer facilities for males and females for daily salaah. The masjid arranges monthly uplifting talks, sisters’ coffee mornings and eid fairs for all. Our services include Nikah, dawah, funeral services, part-time and full-time Islamic Studies classes for adults. The masjid prides itself on working with state schools and charities as well as wider communities and provisioning for non-Muslims and interfaith groups.

*Madrasa Al Khazra* is running across two sites catering to the Islamic upbringing of children. Classes include Hifdh, Qur’an, Islamic studies and moral guidance. Alhamdulillah, currently our services reach out to 800+ individuals. Please help us in continuing to meet the needs of our diverse communities.

*Our beloved prophet ﷺ said: “Sadaqah closes 70 doors of calamities” (Tabarani)*
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