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What is eyLog?

EY Log is an early year’s Log, an EYFS-(Early Years Foundation Stage)compliant and secure online learning journey. It is an integrated web and tablet-based secure application for nurseries and childcare providers to easily capture observations and manage the learning and development journey of a child in an electronic format.

What does it offer for parents?

EY Log enables parents to understand their child’s development on a more regular and real-time basis, increasing their involvement in the activities at the nursery. Parents can access their child’s learning journey, daily diaries and reports on their mobile devices and computers/laptops through secure logins. Automatic email and push notifications can be sent as soon as new observations and comments are added to the child’s profile.

EyLog Parent Free App aims to engage parents and help them to understand their child’s development on a more regular and real-time basis, through their child’s learning journey. Nurseries can keep parents informed and involved with comments, home observations, daily diaries-which including daily information with times around registration, nappies, snacks and meals,bottle feeding , Sleep times, and reports, such as accident/incident sheets and messages. When integrated with eyMan and payment gateways, parents also have a full overview of their account and can view and pay invoices online.

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What is Class Dojo and how does it work?

  • ClassDojo is a classroom communication free app used to share reports and activities at schools and nurseries between parents and teachers and headteachers. It connects parents and teachers on a child’s care and development, conduct and performance through real-time reports as well as a feed for photos and videos during the school or nursery day.’

  • ClassDojo is a school communication platform that teachers, students, and families use every day to build close-knit communities by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom home through photos, videos, and messages. Teachers, students and our parents all work together to make our time in school worth every minute.
    Are the messages on Class Dojo private?

  •  Direct Messages’ allow teachers and parents to message privately, keeping parents engaged and in the know on student progress and how they are getting on at school.
    Who can see student class stories on Class Dojo?
    ClassDojo Portfolio posts are visible to the student, any family members connected to the student, and any teachers connected to the class on the Class Story section which may include weekly menus, holiday letters, latest news , notifications, useful and educational documents for parents and families,etc. Parents can comment on these posts as well as leaving feedback for teachers and headteachers to follow up, such as food ideas,etc.

You can also visit their website