About Us

About Us

Green Nursery School is registered with OFSTED an extended project of Green Academy Trust which began after they bought the former Croft Nursery School in February 2009. The building was renovated to a modern style, and fully equipped Islamic nursery.
Currently we have two branches one at Radford as just an Early years setting and the second branch at Basford with the independent Islamic primary school branch-Green Crescent School. One of the main goals of the Green Nursery Schools is to flourish and expand its occupancy and provide quality and affordable early years education in the local area.
One of the main goals of the Green Nursery School is to flourish and expand its occupancy and provide quality and affordable Early Years education in the local area. We provide good role models and cater for the needs of Individual needs of children, in their spiritual, social, emotional and physical development.
Over the past few years of our journey so far, we have been able to work with a number of amazing people and professionals in the early years sector to support us giving our children the best start in life and providing them a very strong and stable foundation.
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  • Green Nursery is based on an Islamic ethos and is opened to everyone regardless of beliefs or cultural backgrounds.​

  • We believe that for a child to grow up and be a model member of our multicultural society they must first know who they are. We tackle the identity crisis issue by instilling a sense of pride and confidence in their religious and cultural heritage at early years stage as it is the most important phase in a child’s life.​

  • Green Nursery School aims to provide safe and secure environments for young children with high quality childcare and early years education from birth to five years. We aim to safeguard and promote our children’s welfare, safety and health by fostering an honest, open, caring and supportive climate. The children’s welfare is of paramount importance.​

  • We provide staff that are very good role models and cater for the individual needs of children, in their spiritual, social, emotional and overall development. We provide resources for children to encourage and adapt Islamic morals and an Islamic way of life as part of our Islamic ethos which incorporate with core British values ensuring children learn to be kind and respect one another, have mutual tolerance with others different to them, make their own choices and not only be be confident as individuals but be responsible for their actions and know how to manage their feelings.​

  • Indoor Environments: We provide stimulating, exciting and innovative care for all our children in an environment with a range of opportunities to learn and develop through play and interaction at their own space to ensure they have the best possible start in life.

  • Natural and Open Outdoor Play Areas & Environments: Our Radford branch benefits from very large, open, and natural outdoor spaces and play areas which are fully equipped and accessible to each classroom. They are full of nature and highly flexible spaces for imaginative play which is treasured and a limited commodity, especially in urban areas.

It is worth considering that the play that occurs in greener, more “natural” spaces can be different, and possibly more complex and developmentally beneficial for young children. This is the reason why Basford branch also has a large outdoor space but also benefits from Vernon park across the road for children to have access to open and natural environments.

Green Nursery School recognises the Importance and significance of Outdoor pretend play

According to the philosophy of Reggio Emilia, the learning environment is the “third teacher” in early childhood education, after the two classroom teachers (Edwards, Gandini & Forman, 1998). This environment should include not only the indoor early childhood classroom, but also the outdoor environment. The environments where children play have an effect on them and the quality of their play.

  • A study of a Forest School, a school facilitated completely outdoors in England’s Mersey Forest, found that it helped children connect with and learn not only about their natural environment, but also grow in “social skill development, confidence when interacting with the natural world, understanding, interest, motor skills, and leadership skills,” (Ridger, Knowles & Sayers, 2012).

  • We have recruited staff with passion, enthusiasm and never-ending commitment to children and most of our staff have been with us from the early years of our journey. Parents are always reassured that their children are secure and happy, because their emotional needs are met, their interests are nurtured and their individuality is highly valued and respected.
  • At Green Nursery School we feel very privileged that we have some amazing people working with us and our entire team strives to provide the best possible service to children and their families and we will never tire on this.

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